FO Friday: Mutatis Mutanois Socks

My shortie Mutatis Mutanois Socks are finally a FO!

Pattern: Toe Up Vanilla Sock over 68 stitches with gusset heel

Yarn: Nerd Girl Yarns Bounce and Stomp in the Mutatis Mutanois colorway

Needle: US 1 9 inch circ

I usually have pretty good sock mojo, but something about these just made them drag on and on for me. A feeling that ultimately made me make then into shorties. I found that decision very freeing and satisfying!

I used 203 yards or 50 grams of the yarn. So I have a pretty generous amount of leftovers to use on another project. I could have stood to make the ribbing a tid bit longer. As they sit now they are more like a no-show sock than an anklet. I can’t decide if that bothers me or not. But I guess if it annoys me I can always undo the bind-off and knit more with the leftovers!

P.S. These puppies scored me 21 points in the Down Cellar Studio Pigskin Party KAL❤

Happy Knitting!!

Mini Skeins Everywhere!

In case you haven’t noticed from my blog posts I’m kind of obsessed with the Down Cellar Studio’s Pigskin Party KAL. In a recent Ravelry thread the KAL moderators floated the idea of a mini skein swap. I jumped on that hard!

The idea is to pick 12 mini skeins of sock yarn and mail out to 12 knitters and then receive 12 mini skeins from 12 knitters. I don’t have to mail them for a couple of days but I’ve already rounded my skeins up!

I made a Rav page for the swap in case you were interested in the details. That’s 513 yards of yarn in those pretty piles! I can’t wait to see what comes back!

Happy Knitting!!

The Etsy Incident of Thanksgiving 2016

I might have been instagram enabled and fell down in Etsy at The Sexy Knitter

She was having a 50% off sale that I had been waiting for. I snagged another tool tin…

New and improved since my original purchase. And then on a whim because it has been a rough couple of weeks for me I picked out a stitch marker bracelet.

Oh, and some mini snips for Christmas presents!

I highly recommend her products. My first purchase has really held up well. Now I’m off to put these tools to use!!

Happy Knitting

Mighty Rainbow Blanket Update

I’m officially half way done with my Mighty Rainbow Blanket!

I finished the Macaw (dark green) and started the Sky (light blue). I have to admit to feeling a little bit of momentum building on this project. I think partially because I’m closer to done than starting. But also because I’m into the cooler colors that I seem to favor over the warm tones.

I have set this insane arbitrary goal of having this done by December 31st. With an even crazier thought of trying to have this done by Christmas…I have to be nuts!

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Bali Vanilla Socks

My Bali Vanilla socks are done and done!!

These are a toe-up vanilla sock over 68 stitches with a gusset heel. I used my very first and only skein of Hedgehog Fibers Sock in the Bali colorway. I made these with  size 1 US needles as I do with most of my socks. I used 328 yards or 75 grams of the skein.

The fit is beautiful and the colors just hit me right in the feels. If I were to confess…I do have a soft spot for jewel tone blues. That is my color comfort zone. I do have to give a shout out to Jellybean’s Grandpa because without his babysitting, these socks would not be done!

And bonus, these socks earned me 28 points in the Down Cellar Studio’s Pigskin Party KAL 2016! Last I looked I’m up over 1,000 points. I must keep knitting!!! Only two more months (give or take) to keep playing!

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Cygnus Vanilla Socks

Boy do I love sport weight yarn! After all the fingering weight all the time this just flies off my needles. And it amazes me every time even though it’s basic physics that larger yarn makes bigger stitches, ergo more fabric faster.

My birthday socks have a foot! I am making these to match the dimensions of my Black Body Radiation socks and so far so good. The ripcord for the afterthought heel is installed and I’m cruising up the leg. Did I mention how much I love this yarn? The colors of String Theory Colorworks just pop and all those pinks and purples are just tickling my knitterly heart.

Happy Knitting!

Must Knit Faster

I’m IN LOVE with this color of Hedgehog Fibers sock yarn. My Bali socks are soooo close to being done. This blue is just so rich and reminds me of a tropical holiday. I periodically put on the first sock to admire it ❤️

I’m in the final stretch of the second leg. Then it’s just ribbing and cast off! Between the holidays and recent personal events I’ve had a lot of stress to deal with. Knitting is my rock and my meditation, I literally would be lost without it. Having said that the product knitter in me just wants these socks on my feet RIGHT NOW! So I guess I need to knit faster ☺️

Happy Knitting!

Mutatis Mutanois Update

After my HO update last Friday, I’m pleased to report I’ve made great progress on sock #2! I’m a good chunk through the foot. That only leaves the heel turn and some short ribbing away from being done!

I’m ever so glad I decided to make these shortie socks. First because I can have the satisfaction of a FO but secondly because my sock drawer needs more shorties! The one and only pair of shorties before this have gotten a lot of wear this unseasonably warm fall. Definitely time to knit more!

Happy Knitting!!

Blanket Mojo

I’ve conquered another color on my mighty rainbow blanket!

This new green color is called Macaw and it’s just so rich and bright! I usually hate blankets but I’m finding this one very meditative. When I finish this stripe I will be halfway done. I also keep looking in my project bag and peaking at the upcoming colors in delight. Still to come are rich blues and vibrant purples, be still my heart!

Happy Knitting!!