1,000 Follower Giveaway Winner

This lovely skein is up for grabs!

And according to random.org the winner is…

Salpal1!! I’ll PM you on Ravelry to arrange shipping.

Happy Knitting!!


FO Friday: Accidental Travel Socks

Tah Dah……the Accidental Travel Socks are in the FO column and I’m in love!!!

Thanks to Daylight Savings time (the only time I will EVER type that, lol) I got some decent photos of my finished socks. You guys…this yarn is so fantastic that it practically glows in the sunlight. I would have taken photos on my feet but my ankles are starting to grow in all their pregnancy glory, lol.

Pattern: 68 stitch cuff down vanilla sock with contrasting afterthought heels and toes

Yarn: Kirby Wirby Hand Dyed Self Striping Sparkle Fingering yarn in Poly Pigtails colorway

Needles: US 1 nine inch circs

I used 69 grams or 300 yards of the self-striping and 10 grams or 44 yards of the solid contrasting color. So just around 80 grams of yarn or 344 yards. The foot is my standard 9 inch length and the leg is right at 7 inches. They have a lot of negative ease….whether that is due to the actual sock or my hormonally enhanced ankles is to be determined. For now these pretties are going to be tucked safely into my sock drawer for a cold and blustery winters day.

Happy Knitting!!

P.S. Stay tuned for Saturday morning where I will post the 1,000 Giveaway winner! 🙂


Matching Heels

The toes are installed on my Accidental Travel socks…squee!!!

I literally cannot put these down. Jellybean hasn’t been very consistent about sleeping and PB is growing like a weed making it not easy to find a comfortable pregnancy position. These socks have been like salve to my soul. Who needs sleep when you can knit pretty yarn?

Today I’m going to cut in the true afterthought heel and try to get them knit up. I do a little bit of my own flavor of afterthought heel that adds the depth I need for my foot/heel. I’ll try to remember to put notes on my Ravelry page on what I do. If I work a heel like a “standard” toe its NO WHERE NEAR deep enough of a pocket to fit my foot.

Happy Knitting


WIP Wednesday: Accidental Travel Socks

My Accidental Travel Socks have officially reached the toe.

I would like to say that I carefully did math and made sure I had enough tube for both foot and leg. But that would be a bald faced lie. I knit the tube until I couldn’t stand it anymore and then knit up the tandem sock to match. I did measure and the tube is 14 inches so I’m probably okay.

I am pleased at how well the stripes matched up. I did intentionally try to do that but I was worried because the cuffs were slightly different from the beginning. I’m guessing that one sock is every so slightly shorter/longer than the other one because of the different initial yellow stripe difference. But I don’t care….if you are that close to my foot to notice then you deserve a kick to the schnoz. These are sparkly and just my everything right now!

Happy Knitting!!


The Best Laid Plans

PB’s due date is marching ever closer. I had grand plans to knit this baby girl a little trousseau to herald her entrance into this world. But guess what….I’m a working mom with an active 3 year old who stubbornly refuses to sleep consistently or potty train and a husband who is well…..a typical husband. I’m quite frankly going to be lucky to finish her Baby Vertebrae, a hospital hat, and maybe one other thing.

One item that is important to me is a tutu. I know we will take newborn photos of her and I really want yarn to be involved a little bit for this one. I was too in the weeds of new motherhood with Jellybean to have this thought. So I am going to make up at least one if not two Lexi’s Knitted Tutu by Ashlee Lackovic. I have literally made this pattern 20 times already so I know it’s a good one.

I’m thinking a bright rainbow one and a more subtle gold/brown one. I pulled the yarn from stash already. Now I just need needles, project bag and the mojo to crank these out before PB’s arrival, lol! Wish me luck!

Happy Knitting!!


Bandwagon Adjacent

When I was cleaning out my knitting tote the other day, I found I have quite the collections of various kinds of knitting pins. A couple were purchased and the rest were included in prize packages or yarn orders. Now I don’t have a Fringe Supply Co Field Bag nor the desire to acquire one. But what I do have is a canvas “test” notions bag my mother made for a sample. It currently holds all my various stitch markers. I thought the plain canvas was a great foil for my bits and bobs of knitting pins. What do you think?

I don’t think I will jump on the pin collecting band wagon in full force. But when a pin finds its way to me, now I have a home for it!

Happy Knitting!!


1,000 Follower Giveaway

Here it is folks…the giveaway I teased you about on Monday!

This is a golden skein from my stash that just never found the right project. It’s a hand painted 435 yard skein of sparkle sock yarn in Cranberry from Across the Yarniverse. I don’t think this dyer is is dying anymore but I knit some socks from another skein of sparkle sock in a light pink that I still have today. Her colors were amaze-balls.

Okay….the knitty gritty so to speak….to win this skein you must:

  • Be a follower of this blog
  • Leave a comment below and tell me one thing you would knit with this skein
  • Include your Ravelry name in the comment so I can PM the winner for shipping details.
  • One entry per follower/subscriber

This giveaway will close the evening Friday March 16th at 8 pm or whenever Jellybean finally passes out at bedtime. And I’ll stick the skein into the mail for the lucky winner!

Happy Knitting!!

**its now Friday the 16th and I have picked a winner! Will post the announcement tomorrow in a separate post!**


One Sleeve Down

One project that needs to see more love is the Baby Vertebrae for PB.

I’ve finished the first sleeve and put the needles in for the second sleeve. After this it will literally only need a button band and blocking. I think my mental block on this one is the DPNs. They are not my jam. I have to pay special attention to my tension when changing needles to avoid laddering. (This is totally why I knit my socks on 9 inch circs.) I really want this sweater for PB and it should be just right for fall. And the yarn is divine….I am just struggling with my mojo a little bit.

Oh well, slow and stead will still win the race right?

Happy Knitting!!


Blanket Resurrection

I recently cleaned my large knitting tote full of WIPs that lives on the chaos of the “mail table” as we call it in this house. I sorted needles, notions, and yarny bits and bobs back to their rightful places that had collected. I also took some WIPs to the craft room for longer term storage. Call it pre-baby knitting nesting if you will. Really it was a task I had been putting off for too long mostly due to the prolonged morning sickness and just general hair on fire craziness at work.

As a reward for completing a boring but necessary task….I treated myself to pulling my memory blanket from hibernation and adding two new squares!

I added a square of deep royal blue from my Midas Hat and as I talked about I added a stripey square from my Accidental Travel vanilla socks. I found I really missed this project! I think this blanket might be the perfect post-partum maternity leave knitting plan. It’s easy to pick up and put down as well as soothing garter stitch. It allows for some quick mini-victories after completing each square that should be good for a soul that doesn’t have many knitting minutes left in the day. Not to mention it’s just lovely and cheery to look at.

I am preparing myself for the joy and total time-suck that is nursing and caring for a newborn baby. And this go around I will also have an active young-ling that will also need his own attention. Knitting is important to me and I’m not going to give that away. But I am mentally preparing for the (temporary) shift in schedule and priorities. I wasn’t able to do that with Jellybean as I literally had no clue what was coming as a first time parent. I want to be kinder and gentler with myself this go around. My littles will only be small for a short time and I want to soak up every second…no matter how exhausting they are!

Happy Knitting!!


A Tale of Two Socks

My (accidental) travel socks have been giving me the call of the siren lately. They have been living in my work backpack and I have been pulling them out during my lunch breaks and car riding blocks of time. My work load at my job is totally whack-a-doodle and I have found the need for knitting comfort a lot lately. (Whack-a-doodle being an official accounting term, lol)

I have firmly decided to add contrasting toes and heels in some solid grey that matches nicely. And I am working both socks at the same time. I work a little on one and then some on the other as I feel to keep them roughly the same size. The yarn balls are the same amount by the way, one is center pull and the other pulling from the outside so the stripes match up. Therefore the yarn balls are more/less compact giving the illusion of two different amounts. I’m just going to knit peaceful stockinette until they are long enough or I run out of yarn, whichever comes first.

They only caveat to this plan would be to use the ball (left) that has an un-used center pull portion to add a square to my mitered square blanket before I use up all the yarn. I have been feeling the call of that project as well and I think this cheery skein would be a great addition.

Happy Knitting!!