Everything But The Kitchen Sink Soup


After a long tough work week, I am in no mood to cook. By alas, we must eat. So bleary eyed I started pulling leftovers from the fridge and staples from my pantry yesterday. I ended up with a (medium hot) spiced beef and veggie soup.

Roughly here is what I put together:
– leftover mashed sweet potatoes
– stew beef cubes
– canned green beans
– jar of homemade salsa
– leftover home grown frozen sweet corn
– canned hot chili beans
– beef bouillon cube
– fresh ground black pepper
– crushed red pepper flake from leftover pizza delivery packet
– garlic powder
– water
(I didn’t measure I just dumped and stirred)


Turned out pretty yummy and filling! The husband was neutral about it. I think he could taste the sweet potato (even though I didn’t tell him) and he doesn’t like them.

I’m calling this a win. It was hearty, delicious, and it cleaned out my fridge! It was even good for my packed lunch today…



One thought on “Everything But The Kitchen Sink Soup

  1. Growing up, my mother-in-law frequently made “must-go stew.” It sounds similar to what you did–she would basically put any and all leftovers into one big pot, possibly at a meat if there were none leftover (this is when a stash of frozen meats comes in handy), and then add water or broth or stock to make a soup. I’m not a fan of it–prefer my leftovers eaten separately–but the husband wouldn’t mind if I made it. I do sometimes make leftovers soup, but prefer to use items I think go to together and supplement with canned or frozen staples.

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