Stashbustin’ Post #3

I love portable small projects!

The cold weather has put my knitting into overdrive. I have a lot of Loops and Threads Charisma and Premier Yarn Serenity Chunky Weight in my stash and I’m chewing through it!


I have blogged about this before, but I purchased a fun pattern Trinity Stitch Headband from Angela Juergens. About half a skein of either of the above yarns makes one headband. (I alter and take out a few pattern repeats in the pattern for a shorter headband.) I have been packing one of these in my purse every where I go and I’m knocking out some bulky FOs at a pretty good clip.


Still need to select and sew on buttons but I’m delighted to see my pile growing. So far my destashing is going full steam ahead….fingers crossed that it continues!

Happy Knitting!!


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