On the Subject of Trying New Yarn

Despite my recent destashing efforts….I still bought new yarn. I can’t help it! I had never seen or worked with it before AND it was on sale!!

I picked up some Boutique Rigoletto Sequins by Red Heart online from Knitting Wharehouse in red, black, white, and cream.


The yarn comes in 10 yd hanks and includes a pattern for Evening Sparkle Scarf. I have to admit even this seasoned knitter had to YouTube how to work with this mohair like tube if yarn. After some basic instruction it was ridiculously easy and EXTREMELY FAST. I knit up all four hanks in two hours total.

The yarn is a bit fiddly and like a boucle or mohair it’s very good about sticking to itself. Not a yarn for ripping back errors! But when the pattern calls for CO 2 sts and then knit every st until you run out of yarn…..it’s not very likely you will have to.

I was a little disappointed that it didn’t make a longer scarf. I like length so I can wrap and contort the same scarf 100 different ways so I never get bored. Also, I knit the same pattern four times with the same gauge and all four scarves turned out differently!

Rav link here.

Rav link here.

Rav link here.

Rav link here.

This yarn would be excellent for knitters who need instant gratification, a quick last minute gift, or even someone who is just learning. For me? Not so much, I enjoyed playing with a new yarn but its not a knit I’m likely to do again. Ill stick to my Boutique Sashay or Starbella Flash for scarves.

Happy Knitting and TGIF!


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