Something For My Husband

I never knit for my husband. He proclaims yarn to be “too scratchy”. I’ll pause for the gasps of horror…..

He grew up with those horrible acrylic afghans that everyone had in those awful colors. Never fear yarn devotees! I’m working on converting him, I thought I’d start small and make something cute/fun. In the last year he has fallen in love with Dr. Who the British television show. I saw a blog by Knittyfordrwho where the author, Lorenia Lemas, posted a pattern for a tardis washcloth. I had some bright blue Cottontots Solids in Little Boy Blue, so off I went!

The pattern was easy and fast! I knit the whole thing up watching two TV episodes. The pattern only uses knit and purl and practically flies off the needles. Interesting enough to keep my attention but not complicated enough that I couldnt watch TV. It was a nice break from my Chevron Blanket and the never ending garter stitch. I even used yarn from my stash! Finished project was pretty smart looking if I do say myself.



Upon presenting it to my husband he immediately snapped a photo and sent it to his Dr Who buddies. I think I picked up a few cool wife points and got him to dip his toe into the yarn pool!

Happy Knitting!


3 thoughts on “Something For My Husband

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