FO Friday: Holy Cowl!

To justify my falling off the yarn wagon this week, I decided to whip a quick FO using the new yarn! I chose on Holy Cowl! by Hilary Hunt!


I used some of my Natures Choice Organic Cotton in chocolate. The yarn is held double so you need two skeins. I moved down to size 11 needles and CO 74 sts instead of 62 to account for sizing with smaller needles. Rav notes here.

I tried using the 13s the pattern recommended, I just had trouble with the k3tog. I probably should have loosened my tension and stuck with 13s, but I’m the master of my own knitting and I can do what I like!


The pattern makes a nice open lace like design. I royally got off pattern in the middle somehow and didn’t notice until I was almost done. Again I am the master of my own knitting and decided that I had not in fact made a mistake….just improvised a new design detail! The yarn is so dark you really can’t tell without REALLY looking hard anyway.


Big needles and bulky yarn made this fly by! The cotton is deliciously soft and definitely my favorite. I have some berry/red in my stash that is definitely going to knit up into one of these for my dear friend in Portland who is having a rough go and needs a little hand knit cheer!

Happy Knitting!

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