Stashbustin’ #9

Digging through my stash turned up a bunch of Bernat Baby Blanket big ball. I purchased several colors of this super bulky polyester blend thinking it would make great baby presents.

I chose a sand brown color and CO on The Addictive Baby Blanket by Renee M. A few rows in I realized this yarn was not suited for this pattern. So I frogged it. Then I cast on an improvised checkerboard style blanket with seed stitch border. I really tried to make it work, but about 25 rows in I was getting perturbed!

This yarn is extremely hard to keep gauge in! And it’s mostly likely my issues. I knit pretty loosely and on top of this the yarn kept grabbing and sticking to itself. This created bumps and ugly sts in my finished work. It also lacks stitch definition in my opinion. It is super soft, washable, and bulky yarn knits so fast. I’m determined not to give up in this yarn! So I once again frogged my work….


I am doing another improvised design. I cast on 100 stitches and worked a simple K1, P1 row followed by P1, K1 row to create a seed stitch pattern. I also stop every so often and give my work a little tug (downward) to pull the stitches into place and avoid “bumps” or “lumps” in my work.


This blanket is destined for a dear friend I grew up with. We have literally known each other our entire lives. Her baby shower is in April so I need to get cooking. Hopefully this super bulky on large needles and no brainer pattern will speed along!

Happy Knitting!

5 thoughts on “Stashbustin’ #9

  1. It looks lovely and so plushy. Just a caution. It sounds important to you that this project work out close to perfectly. I’ve worked with chenille-style yarn before and there are limits to what you can get it to do. I’ve seen reviews for this yarn where many people love it but some don’t. Those that don’t like it complain about stitch definition and rope-like qualities when knitting. Some others complained they couldn’t get the final item to lie flat. If you’re on a timeline, this can make you crazy. You might want to leave time for an alternative project just in case. You need to decide what the point of no return is so you can switch! I do hope it goes well for you though and this is the project your friend gets for her baby!

    • I had coffee with a girlfriend this week and we talked a lot about this yarn and my project. She crochets and has used this yarn a bunch. She never had a problem (and may or may not have poked fun at me)! We ultimately decided that this chenille is better suited for crochet as you don’t have to fight the yarn and its performance on the needles. You have more control of the yarn and even using only single crochet can get a flatter/denser finished product. She hasn’t completely convinced me….but if this latest attempt sucks I might just give it a whirl!

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