Valentines Day Surprise!


I love my parents! For as long as I can remember my dad has always made sure to send flowers to ALL his special ladies. He sends gifts to my mother, my sister, his mother, his mother in law, and I. I don’t have a particular desire to celebrate V-day especially as its mostly a commercial holiday. But it melts my heart how sweet my daddy is. He is such a great and honorable man that words cannot express how much I love him. And there is just something about flowers (especially at work on my desk) that just make me smile!


On the home front the husband and I had a cozy dinner for two at home. T-bone steak for him and salmon fillet for me both with fresh salad and steamed veggies. We shared a mini Sara Lee Cheesecake just because. By alas, the husband had to go to his Int Algebra class so I was left to knit on the couch with a glass of wine in my stretchy pants.

Ain’t married life grand!!


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