Time To Knit

Being under thirty with a very busy schedule, I get two questions ALL the time:
1- You knit!?
2- How do you have time for it?

Knitting is a very big part of my life and I don’t have a problem KIP (knitting in public). I usually just smile and tell people that its easy to knit all the time. I have projects in my purse, in my desk at work, and almost every room in the house. And a yarn stash to back it all up, lol!

Just today I knit:
– on the couch having my morning coffee before I went to the gym
– in line at the post office to ship an order
– in line at grocery store waiting to check out
– waiting for sushi guy to make my lunch to go order
– on my couch again while catching up on this weeks DVR shows
And it’s not even 2pm!

Sure people stare and look at me like I have two heads, but it doesn’t bother me. When I have time to kill, I knit to pass the time. When I’m relaxing, I knit to enjoy the time. And when it’s all said and done I get a cool FO.


Today at grocery store, the cashier smiled at me and said “look at you wasting no time!” She made my day. I could tell she was a fellow crafter.

For now I’m off to cast on next week’s projects and make some progress on my current WIPs!

Happy Saturday 🙂


3 thoughts on “Time To Knit

    • It’s easier when I carry an over the shoulder messenger bag so it holds the yarn and I don’t have to hold the purse. And I only work small simple projects like scarves or hats so I can pick it up and put it down.

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