WIP Wednesday: Simple Stockinette Baby Blanket

Stashbustin’ #9 has been a learning experience. I try to give all yarns a fair shake….I really do. But this Bernat Baby Blanket chenille like yarn is kicking my butt. It’s no longer in cue to be a baby shower present. BUT I will not let it defeat me! I have seen some really cute projects come from this yarn on Instagram lately so I know its possible.



Based on feedback and input from the Instagram designers that had success, I made some design changes:

– Change from all over seed stitch to seed stitch border (to reduce edge rolling) and stockinette body

– Went from size 11 US needle down to 10 1/2 US needle

– Tightened my gauge bit to reduce gaps

– Cast on 110 stitches instead of 100

I made all these changes keeping in mind that this acrylic yarn is not going to be blockable. What I knit is what is what it’s going to be. My Rav page is here.

I really hope these changes help. I have three more huge skeins of this yarn in my stash and I really want it to work. My only other option is to switch to a simple crochet design. A very good crafter friend from college makes beautiful crochet blankets from this yarn. She claims it’s easier to crochet and shape this yarn since it doesn’t “grap” on itself like it does when it’s on the needles. I’m just not great at crochet…

I will persevere!!!! Happy Knitting to you all!!

5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Simple Stockinette Baby Blanket

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