A Visit To The Frog Pond

Stashbustin’ #2 …..I want to love this project but I’m only in like with this project.


The pattern is beautiful and the purple is lovely. I memorized the pattern but I can’t just get myself to pick up this project. I’m a process knitter and I can’t stand to work on a project I don’t love.

I am frogging the project, rewinding the skein, and returning the yarn to my stash. It’s just not meant to be, right now anyways. I’m definitely re-queuing this project on Ravelry.

I’d rather cut my losses and work on a project I love right now . Baby Girl Chevron Blanket perhaps? Or maybe I will pull the next item from my queue? Oh so many options!!

Happy Monday and Happy Knitting!


4 thoughts on “A Visit To The Frog Pond

  1. Hi there, I’ve just started with the Waffle blanket and I’m confused with Row 3?
    It reads *drop YO (which I understand yarn over, no problem) but in the previous row, we Purled 4 then YO, so what am I supposed to do with the first 4 stitches that I purled until I get to the YO stitch that I need to drop to drop?

    HELP!!! lol

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