Dinner For Two: Tom Yum Soup

In an effort to throw some vegetarian meals into our ongoing healthy lifestyle I picked up some soup bases that were recommended by a friend. Last night’s experiment: Organic Tom Yum Soup!


I followed the directions on the box except for I doubled the mushrooms and onions. I like lots of “stuff” in my soups. It pretty much consists of soup base/broth, sautéed onions, sautéed mushrooms, salt, and pepper. My husband is not a huge vegetarian fan and likes his meals to be filling. Solution, I steamed some rice!


This way we could pour some soup over a portion of rice to add fiber and something filling. I thought it also needed a bit of color and crunch, so I quick chopped some green onions as a garnish!


And tah dah, dinner!!!


The broth was slightly spicy and gingery. The mushrooms were okay but I’m not sure I cooked them correctly (I don’t use them often). The sautéed onions were sweet and heavenly. And the green onions were a nice and fresh pop to the soup.

It was a good dinner. The husband and I both felt full and satisfied. Will we cook it a lot? Probably not, but it was a nice change up from our normal meal routine.

Happy Monday (and no April fools here…it’s snowing!)


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