I read A LOT of blog posts every week and I enjoy them all. But I was inspired by pdxknitterati’s post Knitters Helping Knitters this past week. Follow the link to read the full story, it’s a good one!!

Basically a knitting community in Portland is gathering hats for an auction to raise money for a sweet little 9yr old boy with cancer! Cancer is a mean and ugly thing. So what better than to fight it with hand knits full of love!

I pulled some one skein wonders from my stash this and I want to cast on at least two hats this week. I recently lost my grandmother cancer so this project had touched a special place in my heart. And it will get some single skeins out of my stash! The deadline is April 15th and I want to finish at least 3-4 hats to mail off.

If you want to join me here is the mailing info I pulled from FB event, Please send your completed hat by April 15 to:
Cathy Woodcock
c/o Lantern Moon
7911 NE 33rd Drive Suite 140
Portland, OR 97211

Lets kick cancer in the butt!!!!


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