FO Friday: Two-fer

TGIF!! I have a two-fer FO!!!


My first beanie for Knitters Helping Knitters is done and I used up a partial skein from my stash! Thanks to the hubs for posing. I’m currently working on beanie number two and hoped to be done soon.


Finally, completed Stashbustin’ #11 is done!! After great feedback from you guys I decided to scrap the zipper. I picked up and knit the band on both sides. I didn’t knit it as wide as indicated on the pattern because I didn’t want the edges overlapping.


I’m very happy with this project. I proved to myself that I can in fact make a sweater!! I very much feel like a big kid knitter looking at my FO, lol. My Ravelry page has all the details if you need.

I may or may not be planning a longer and striped version of this construction in some more of my stashed cotton…

Happy Knitting!!



3 thoughts on “FO Friday: Two-fer

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