Stashbustin’ #12 – Sweater Fever

I didn’t end up swatching for Mud Season this past weekend….

Instead I cast on another cotton raglan sweater! I have named her Sweet Cream Striped Raglan Cardigan. It my Stashbustin’ #12 project!

In getting the house packed for our move I realized just how much cotton I have. In the spirit of spring I wanted a longer version of the cropped cardi I just finished. I freeze my butt off at work because I share a work area with a lady who has, as she calls them, “hot moments”.

I don’t blame her, it’s way easier for me to put on a sweater than her to strip to her undies! So I grabbed more of the Lion Brand Natures Choice Organic Cotton in Cream and Macadamia and off I went.

I don’t have any photos as we were CRAZY busy this weekend with winery trips, BBQs, and getting ready for the new house. But I’ll try to snag a few tonight and update tomorrow!!

Happy Knitting!


2 thoughts on “Stashbustin’ #12 – Sweater Fever

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