2013 Stashbustin’ Update

I didn’t have any big updates on my WIPs this week or any good photos to share. So I thought I’d round out my “stats” for 2013 and my stashbustin’ project. Here goes nothing:

Yds of Yarn used: 7,840

Ft of Yarn Used: 23,519

Stashbustin’ Projects Completed: 11 1/2

Current WIPs: 2 1/2

Total Miles knitted: 4.47

Number of skeins used from my stash: 78.5

Average blog posts per week: 5

Not to shabby if I do say so myself! Here’s to keeping the mojo flowing! What’s on your needles this week?


8 thoughts on “2013 Stashbustin’ Update

  1. I am currently making Sidney Owl from this months Let’s KnitMagazine . I’m also working on my April Challenge however I’ve done too much knitting in low light and have managed to add a stitch in one place and drop another. Something I haven’t done for years! As its stockinette fabric its really noticeable so its time to unravel :-\

  2. Love the different measurements in your blog post! I am working on a top down raglan sweater with harvested yarn using a totally addictive pattern from the Botanical Knits e-book that I won – Entangled Vines.

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