Trying To Learn

I’m a knitter through and through but from time to time I see really awesome crochet items that I want to make. A lady should be able to both right?

I had some scraps of cotton left from my Sweet Cream Striped Raglan Cardigan, so I decided to try a test crochet beanie. I just picked a hook and my yarn and just started to improvise.


Pictured above is like my fourth attempt, lol. It’s wonky and ripples. The husband thought I was making a flower….


I must admit he’s a little correct. But I shall not surrender! I will get the hang of this crochet thing. I just might need my friend Kara to give me some pointers!

Any knitters or crocheters out there that swing both ways?

5 thoughts on “Trying To Learn

  1. Me! I love both but for different things. I can be more creative with crochet at the moment. Besides if I do too much of one and get those horrible aches and pains in my hands that many people moan about at least I will still have the other craft to do so I don’t go crazy!
    I think that you have just increased too many stitches too soon.

  2. I’m a hardened knitter who has often tried to learn crochet, but it never sticks. I’m at rather a loss with only one tool and I find it hard to maintain tension. But I got the hang of it recently when a kind friend sat me down, wound the yarn around my fingers, and made me practice in front of her. Well it was a revelation and before long I was doing double triples! I realised it was actually quicker than knitting and I turned out a few toy mice for the cats in no time – no sewing needed! Next thing is to learn how to read a pattern… Good luck with your beanie! x

  3. I like both too… But I seem to find crochet easier and can create my own patterns far easier than I would be able to do with knitting. I was a knitter first and never understood it when people said crochet was easier… But now I’m a total convert x

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