To celebrate myself a little, I finally decided to use my Knit Picks gift certificate…..tah dah!


I picked up some of Knit Picks new yarn, Billow! I have been seeing photos of ombré blankets made from this stuff all over Ravelry, the blogosphere, and Pinterest. I have absolutely been itching to try this yarn!

I picked up six different hues in the brown/yellow family. In order from light to dark they are: Natural, Willow, Cornmeal, Turmeric, Mongoose, and Chocolate. This 100% Pima cotton is sooooo soft under my fingers. I know this is going to make an amazing blanket. I bet it would make an amazing sweater as well, oh the possibilities!

Now I just have to decide what pattern to make? I want something that will really show off the ombré color changes.

Option 1: Chevron Baby Blanket by the Purl Bee

(Photo by the Purl Bee)

Option 2: Zig Zag Baby Blanket by knitculture.com

(Photo from knitculture.com Rav page)

Option 3: Kodachrome Baby Blanket by Jocelyn Tunney

(Photo from Jocelyn Tunney Rav page)

Option 4: Simple stockinette blanket with seed stitch border and just let the colors do the work

I can’t decide!! I have already made the patterns from option one and two. While option two was more visually striking, option one was more pleasurable to work. I’m torn between trying something new like option three or recreating something I’ve already done like options one, two, and four.

This yarn is special and deserves the proper pattern. Anyone out there in blogger land use this yarn or have any suggestions for a pattern? I really want to stick with a design that shows off the ombré, help!


8 thoughts on “Un-Stashbusting….oops

  1. I’d usually agree with Lori – new pattern is my choice 99% of the time (I get bored easily, even making a 2nd sock is a struggle for me!)…but I really like Option 2, it looks so lovely 🙂

  2. Well, I was going to say option 1 just so I can knit vicariously through you since that is on my eventually-someday list. But since you’ve knit it – how about something knit from the center out ala: Playful Stripes or Nesting Squares Baby Blanket.

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