All bets are off this week….

First, my show opens tonight for invited dress rehearsal. We are not in very good shape….one of the main characters cannot remember his lines or seem to stay in character. And the show runs almost 45 minutes longer than it should, not good. Oh and the director quit due to fighting amongst the board of directors. I have never been in a show that was in such a state right before we have an audience. We have five performances to get through between now and Sunday.

Second, my day job is crazy right now and I’m feeling a bit over utilized and taken advantage of. And it’s the beginning/end of month and is absolutely my busiest time. I need a vacation….but due to scheduling conflicts I can’t have time off when I want.

Thirdly, our landlord in our current rental house double booked this house. She promised it to the new renters May 1st and we didn’t plan on moving until May 11th. Totally her fault but see the problem? She is going to make it right with the new renters but we are trying to meet in the middle and trying to get ourselves out by this Sunday.

So in the next 5-6 days I have to do five live theater performances, pack the rest of our house. close out the books for month end at my job, and move into our new home. I am literally sick to my stomach right now. My whole life is shoved in boxes and I don’t even know where some of my knitting is….I really hope I survive this…

Hope to see you guys on the other side!!


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