Stress Knitting and Falling

I received a comment from another blogger, Knitigating Circumstances, about learning how to fall properly. Now we were speaking in context of learning to deal with errors and fixes in knitting. But I found it that it was very appropriate in my current circumstances, especially after my insanity rant yesterday. (Sorry about that btw)

My life is literally crazy right now and there is not a darn thing I can do to change it. I just need to let go and fall properly. The best way I know how to deal with stress is to knit. So this week I cast on my Mud Season sweater. The yarn is some lovely Berroco vintage chunky in Chocolate!


This is my Stashbustin #14 project. But I’m not sure it’s fair to call it that anymore as I swapped out my original real stash yarn in teal and purchased new the chocolate instead…but I’m not in the mood to be picky at this point.

However crazy my job, my house, or my theater stuff gets….I can always knit. It’s calming and familiar. And I get a pretty cool FO when I’m done provided I don’t knit at such a tight gauge that only an elf can wear the clothes. So here I am, attempting to fall properly….right into my knitting!


This is an old photo by now as I have already passed the divide for arms and working on the waist decreases. This pattern is fun, right at my skill level, and most of all beautiful. I knit pretty dsrn fast when stressed, lol. Just what I need!

Happy Knitting and may your week be going better than mine!!


4 thoughts on “Stress Knitting and Falling

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