FO Friday: Mud Season

Stashbustin’ #14 is complete!!


I finished this in no time!! Ten days start to finish. It really helped mitigate my stress of late, lol.

I mentioned a few of my pattern alterations in my WIP Wednesday post. I really like this pattern. It was easy to follow and well constructed. It’s a bit snug…but that’s probably more due to my poor eating of late and not the pattern. I would definitely wear a tank or long sleeve tee underneath.

It still needs a good soak and blocking. But I haven’t unpacked far enough to find my Soak or blocking mats yet. I hope to get that done this weekend and take some photos of it on. It’s so pretty and soft I can’t wait! Neither could Chloe evidently…


I used four and a 1/3 skeins of yarn. I have 2 2/3 left and I have had Snug by Hinke in my queue for awhile. Me thinks my chocolate leftovers are going to make a Snug for my Stashbustin’ #16. I plan to cast on tonight!

I also may or may not have already cast on anotherone in the Vintage Chunky in teal for my Stashbustin’ #17….

Oh WIP-itis thy are a cruel mistress!!


8 thoughts on “FO Friday: Mud Season

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