Dealing With Tragedy

I have been thinking about writing this post for several days. By now everyone has seen the awful destruction in Moore, OK. I have a very dear 78 year old great aunt that lived smack dab in the middle of Moore.

I got the phone call last Monday while I was at the gym from my father that her house had been hit but we didn’t know where she was or how she was. I flew home and switched on the news. At that point I couldn’t even imagine how she could survive that destruction. So I started knitting. I pulled three skeins of Carron Simply Soft in shades of pink and cast on another Constant Baby Blanket. I had the pattern memorized from my Stashbustin’ #15 project.

And so I knit and worried. After five long hours we learned that her neighbors had pulled her and her yorkie from the rubble of her home. Her home was literally at ground zero and was hit by the middle of the funnel. Her home is flat and she had no less than five cars on or in her house. She was taken to a hospital and treated for lacerations and shock.

But she was going to be ok. Thanks to the amazing 15 minute warning she had time to take cover in a closet. (Fifteen minutes is amazing in tornado time for those who don’t live in the Midwest). There is absolutely no reason other than the grace of God that she is still with us.

I’m terribly afraid of tornados. I have been far to close to far too many. And I struggled to reconcile my fear, grief for the loss of life, and joy that Aunt Martha and Hallie (the yorkie) were ok. So I’m just going to keep praying and knitting. This blanket has moved to the front of my projects and I have named it Aunt Martha’s Prayer Blanket. I hope to finish it and send to her in her new home, wherever that turns out to be. She lost so many keepsakes and antiques. My relatives helped her salvage what they could and managed to save her a few truckloads of items.

Stitch by stitch I will knit all the love and prayer I can into this blanket for her. It calms my fears and hopefully will give her some comfort. She has survived so much in her life that I hope I have her strength one day.


The darkest pink is in the middle and will fade to a light pink. It may seem dark in the beginning but with love and support it will get better.

Sorry for the sappy post but I needed to write it down to help me process it. I now return you to regularly scheduled knitting posts!!!

Happy Knitting!


14 thoughts on “Dealing With Tragedy

  1. Sap away. I am so glad that she (and the pup) are alright, how dreadfully frightening though. She is lucky to have family that cares so much about her.
    Take heart that things worked out for the best, knit away that anxiety/fear/apprehension and turn it into that beautiful baby blanket. Out of fear can come beauty, you’re on the right path.
    My thoughts and good vibes are coming your way from the Buckeye State!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story and I’m happy that your Aunt and her dog are safe. I think it’s great that you are making something beautiful out of your fear and anxiety…I pray that more people follow your lead.

  3. That is an amazing story. I am so glad that it had a happy ending. Your blanket will be such an amazing gift with all that love you have poured into it! Amazing how knitting can get us thriugh the most amazing times. Xx

  4. So pleased to read that your aunt is okay. I’m sure she’ll love the blanket and the love knitted into it.

  5. Your post is about love and love is not sappy. We’ve been watching the tornado’s aftermath on the news, including a news clip with an elderly woman who had lost everything but her life… Just then, a puppy was heard under the rubble where they were standing and it was her puppy!!! So good to hear sap-happy stories ❤

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