Happy Early Anniversary

My parents visited last weekend to deliver our new (to-us) living room furniture.
And of course we they went shopping to pick our their new set. Not to mention my dad finally go to pick out his first cross bow (he’s avid deer hunter with a rotater cuff injury and hopefully this will get him back to a hobby he loves) and while we were at Cabelas…my husband lamented the state of our grill.

Our grill was a cheap $180 put together your self grill from when we first got married. The heat shields are rusted out. One auto ignite switch never worked. And the frame is badly in need of some spot welds. So my parents schemed and agreed to halfsies on a new grill for our wedding anniversary in June!

Can’t wait to cook on this bad boy! And we have found a good home for our old grill. The father-in-law is going to buy the old grill and fix it up for his mechanic shop so he and his employees can grill out at work!



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