Falling in Love with Blossom Street


I am now the proud owner of a library card! I have been meaning to get one since I finished graduate school and I lost access to the campus library. No excuse for taking this long but I digress!

The husband took me and we had a date night last week browsing the stacks. My taste leans towards murder mystery and fiction whereas the husband likes sci-fi and non-fiction. Browsing the electronic catalog I found the Blossom Street series by Debbie Macomber via a keyword search for knitting.

I’m addicted. No seriously, I have read the first seven novels in the series in the past two weeks. When I can lose myself in a good book I can devour them. These fiction novels start out about knitting and friendship but as the series progresses they cover so much more: life, death, love, heartbreak, change, illness, and so many more. I have laughed, cried, giggled, gasped, and fallen in love with all the characters. I love how she keeps introducing new characters and relationships but they are always connected back to Blossom Street and original story. I highly recommend this series to all fiction lovers!!

Having access to such a huge library is awesome and I can’t wait too see what other treasures it holds!

Happy Tuesday!!

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