Comfort Zone: In or Out?

As a person I tend to stay in my comfort zone in my most things. I eat at mostly at the same restaurants, shop the same store, cook the same recipes, and hang out with the same friends. It’s not that I am afraid of new or different things but I tend to fall into routines. There a few places where I step out of this safe box: knitting and acting.

My current show, Bachelorette, is really outside my comfort zone. This play explores the lives of four women who have been stuck in the same roles since high school. Regan is the bitch on wheels who ALWAYS has to be in control. She uses manipulation at every turn to get what she wants and needs. Katie is party girl who is a little light in the head. She wants nothing more than to be accepted and loved. Gena is a coke addicted party girl who is never quite good enough to be queen bee. She wants to be Regan but doesn’t have the guts and mostly spends her time taking care of Katie. And finally there is Becky, the bride. She has openly ridiculed by her friends for her size, choice of husband, attitude, and she’s not going to take it anymore!

This play has more cursing than a Navy frigate, depicts rampant drinking and drug use, adult content, and is downright mean. I am very mild mannered in real life and so pushing into this kind of story really stretches my acting skills. The director has been awesome and really helps us explore our characters and what is happening.

I play Gena the drug addicted second in command. I start the top of the show in full on party girl mode with my best girl pal Katie. Even with the best of intentions my friends and I completely trash the hotel suite, the wedding dress, and basically everything the night before Becky’s wedding. Gena has been so perfect for so long she has no idea how to be real. She really only cares about one thing, her friend Katie. And when Katie gets in real trouble, it’s Gena to the rescue!

While the subject and content is uncomfortable and down right mean, I come away from rehearsal exhilarated every time. Stretching my comfort zone has really spurred my creative juices. It has me looking at the relationships in my life and really seeing new things and evaluating them. My fellow actors are beyond talented and we are really creating something special. T-minus three weeks to opening!!!

Are you a “in” or “out” kind of person when it comes to art?

P.S. Check out some of the dresses I am “auditioning” for Gena…





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