New Potatoes and Peas!!!

Mmmmmm….new potatoes and peas



Every summer right after the first hill of potatoes was dug I can remember Grandma and Grandpa making this delectable dish. It’s so simple and yummy it’s crazy. It’s just boiled potatoes covered in a garlicky white sauce and peas. I just made a quick roux and thickened some milk. I seasoned with garlic powder, salt, and pepper.

These tiny red potatoes came from our family garden. Their skin is so thin and tender. The meat of potato is soft and perfectly mealy. It tasted of home and family to me. Paired with some fried chicken the husband and I had an awesome sit down dinner last night.



It might not be the healthiest….but you gotta live once in awhile right? Does your family have any traditional summer dish?


4 thoughts on “New Potatoes and Peas!!!

  1. My husband’s mom makes something that I believe is called rollkuchen.(spelling???), which they eat with watermelon. It’s a wonderfully summertime german meal of deep-fried dough that tastes like you’re eating a cloud ❤ ❤ ❤

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