FO Friday: Patriotic Tutus!

I am blessed to have many friends who let me lavish their children with hand knit love. One of my husband and I’s favorite couples recently found out that their second baby is going to be a girl. And I just couldn’t resist matching tutus!!! I found the most adorable red, white, and blue ruffle yarn from Premier…

First up a 0-3 months size….



And then a matching 2-3 year old size…



Their mom is going to flip when she sees these!!! I hope she will snap some photos of the pair so that I can share with you guys. Of course I will have to wait until baby #2 actually gets here, lol. Well I’m off to put these and a couple more secret presents (can’t share those because the recipients read this blog) in the mail.

I gotta hustle too because my parents, sister, and aunt are visiting for weekend and we have a Kansas City Royals game to get to!! (Don’t worry, I packed a knitting project so I can stitch while they pitch!!!)


5 thoughts on “FO Friday: Patriotic Tutus!

  1. Adorable! Is there anything cuter than a little girl wearing a tutu? Oh wait, TWO little girls wearing MATCHING tutus!

    I told my hubby that I want to buy at least one set of matching outfits for our toddler and soon-to-arrive little one. Of course, he rolled his eyes…but I am undeterred!

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