Apple Tree Progress

My apple trees are coming along nicely. My summer apple tree is LOADED with fruit.





My fall apple tree has less fruit but still doing reasonably well in this heat and drought.




This fall apple tree has a great deal of worm invasion and other assorted bugs crawling on it. The summer apple tree also shows some bug sign but to a lesser degree. I did some internet research and found that the local extension office recommended Sevin, an all purpose big killer for fruit trees. But now I must decide to spray or not to spray. It’s a laborious process but would increase my fruit yield. And I would introducing chemicals to my fruit.

Anyone out there have any experience on this? All advice is welcome 🙂



4 thoughts on “Apple Tree Progress

  1. I don’t have any apple trees, nor do I garden “organic”, but friends who do have suggested encouraging insect-eating birds and bats to come to your yard. Nesting boxes would probably be a good place to start.

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