Holy Crap It’s Been 10 Years!

This past Saturday I attended my 10 year reunion for Pike Valley High Schol Class of 2003. We ate some food, met spouses, snuggled new babies, and drank some beer. I even got some knitting done on a couple of new tutus!!

Here are a few snaps from the festivities!





12 thoughts on “Holy Crap It’s Been 10 Years!

      • We had 499 in our graduating class. As class president I have to help organzine this thing – I am sitting here silently resenting this! All the other ones are pregnant or have pregnant spouses. It’s just another reminder that we are NOT.
        Wow….RANT! Sorry, back to normal now 😉

      • Not really at all. (We don’t have kids die to finances/jobs/lack there of) and four out of five sets of parents told us to wait until we felt ready. A couple of them had rushed in and it had some ramifications. One set is on the verge of divorce. Really only one set was really snobby about “their perfect life”. It did make me a bit sad to see such adorable babies and know we aren’t ready. But then I had a beer (or three) and it all evened out.

      • I like the beer theory. We’ve been trying for years and 5 miscarriages later we still have nothing to show for it except a lot of weight from the steroids to try to even out my uterus.
        Oh well. I think adoption is our next best bet.

      • I have friends that tried for 10 years with similar results and then they decided to foster. They now have 3 kids (all siblings aged 11 mo to 4) that are perfect and wonderful. They close official adoption proceeds first of bext year. And they have never looked happier….exhausted but happy, lol.

  1. Looks like a good time! Sadly they couldn’t manage to organize anything for our 10 year last year. Although with some of the horror stories I’ve heard about other people’s reunions, maybe it’s not such a bad thing!

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