FO Friday: Bachelorette

This is a different sort of FO today! I am now officially done with my latest show, Bachelorette. We wrapped up our performances last weekend. It was an amazing and exhausting show. A very powerful piece about how some of my generation failed to grow up and the awful ways we sometimes treat the ones we love. It was even made into a movie in 2012, While the movie does incorporate almost everything in the play, it does it a much different order. And there is a happy ending. The play does NOT have a happy ending, lol.

This show stretched me in every way possible from the content, to singing out loud in front of people, and finally to playing a villain of sorts. I got to curse, drink, and scream on stage. I found it quite liberating!!

I was also blessed with an amazing cast! I have done a lot of shows in my life and this one was truly special. My cast mates were incredibly invested in the process, amazingly talented, showed up every day ready to work, and we just great all around people! No drama, no whining, and lots of encouragement and cooperation.

I want to share some of my favorite photos we took along the way!





And here are few just for laughs. We had to take “selfies” for promos and advertising for the show. I’m terrible at these and required some coaching, lol!






Happy Friday!!!

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