FAL Project Progress!!!

Having a deadline really puts my but in gear! I have made some stellar progress on my Sage Yarn FAL project. This blanket had sifted to the bottom of my priorities in June and July but I’m full steam ahead in August!



This is a center out blanket made is from an interpretation of the Constant Square Blanket by Tina Laiho. I’m chewing through some of my stash of Caron Simply Soft in pinks. I had 2/3 of skein of the first color (dusty rose) and full skeins of the bright pink (watermelon) and light pink (still in the yarn protector). I am hoping to get this done before Aunt Martha moves into her new apartment!

I’m just about ready to transition to the last color. I’m doing the whole thing in stockinette so it’s getting a little boring. But I’m powering through. I have been doing a lot of Netflix and knitting on this blanket. At least one of those things always keeps my attention.

I’m interested to see how big this ends up being when I am done. My “plan” if you can call it that is to knit until I run low on yarn and then cast off. Check out the Ravelry page for this FAL to see what everyone else is working on!!!

Happy Knitting!

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