FO Friday: Aunt Martha’s Prayer Blanket

Tah dah!!!! Aunt Marta’s Prayer Blanket is done!



After a good bath and days of drying….the edges still curl (ARGH). I know it was more to hope from acrylic but still. The center also still has a little pooch. Laying flat it looks a bit like a volcano. And the outside is a bit warped like a spider web? I improvised this blanket based on the basic concepts of the Constant Square Blanket by Tina Laiho.


I have to say that even with my trepidation about the colors, I rather like them together in the FO.



My end product is a 38 by 40 inch square(ish) blanket. I used 882 yards or 340 grams of Caron Simply Soft yarns. I used Dusty Rose, Watermelon, and Light pink. I went down a needle size to US 7 for this project to create a tighter fabric.



Now all that’s left is to package this up and send off to Aunt Martha for her new home! Now, I’m off to pack to spend the weekend with my best friend as she celebrates the impending birth of her baby girl! Happy Friday to All!!!




5 thoughts on “FO Friday: Aunt Martha’s Prayer Blanket

  1. Oh my, I’m late reading this but have to say that it’s beautiful! Don’t give the edges another thought. If they curl, so be it. How often is a shawl laid flat? Almost never. It’s wrapped cozily around someone or across a lap so that lucky one is covered in love and cares not a bit about the edges. 🙂

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