Labor Day Cast-on-itis

Happy Labor Day!!!

I had a fit of “Cast-on-itis” this past weekend over labor day. Even though I spent all weekend with family having fun, I had yarn urges that could not be satisfied. I may or may not have cast on three more projects….oops!

So this week I thought I would take you on a walk of shame tour of my newest de-stashing efforts!

Today I introduce to you, One Piece Baby Pullover from Lion Brand! This will be Stashbustin’ #27 effort of 2013. I was in the mood for something cheery, fun, and baby adorable. It’s only a start but I feel sunny already!



Eventually, it will look something like this….



(Photo courtesy of the Lion Brand Ravelry page)

I have A LOT of Caron Simply Soft to chew through in my stash. What better to deploy that yarn towards than adorable baby knits!!! The pattern is worked flat in a cross shape and seamed together. And the whole thing is in garter stitch. This is going to be my mindless TV knitting project and will live next to the couch!

Stay tuned for a new project tomorrow! I hope everyone in the US had a happy and safe labor day weekend!!


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