Cast-on-itis Day #2

Look familiar? I introduce to you, Stashbustin’ #28 or Baby Sophisticate #2. You may remember my first attempt from last week!


This pattern was a joy to knit and beyond adorable. I honestly couldn’t wait to cast on another, way to go Linden Down!


(Apologies for the terrible picture! I was rocking knitting at Grandma’s kitchen table this weekend)

I am using Caron Simply Soft again, this time in Berry Blue. And this was a partial skein I had floating around in my stash. So to be safe I am going to make the smaller 0-3 month size. The 0-6 month size used slightly over 3/4 of a skein so I should be safe. I hope this a great way to turn a partial skein into a great project!

This one should be off the needles again in no time!! I highly recommend this pattern to everyone!!


4 thoughts on “Cast-on-itis Day #2

  1. I’m a pretty slow knitter and I’m almost finished with mine. I did the 0-3 months as well, not because I didn’t have enough yarn but because I wanted to see how well it turned out before trying a larger size. I just have a few rows of garter at the hem and then on to the shawl collar and sleeves. I could be done this evening! wow!

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