One Down, One To Go

I did it!!! Since my last update, one leg warmer is in the books!!



I finished two full skeins of yarn and measured that I was at 23 inches total. So I tried it on and it fit like a glove. The pattern called for 30 inches but if I had knit that much the warmer would have either reached mid thigh or have a mass of fabric bunched up at my ankle. The way it is now, it starts just below my knee and bunches nicely at the ankle.

I’ll spare you the task of looking at that picture, I was attacked by chiggers on Labor Day Weekend and my legs are atrocious. But I promise a picture when it’s all done and my legs aren’t as itchy and blotchy.



I cast on and already have a few inches done on the second leg. Here’s hoping I can avoid second sock syndrome!

2 thoughts on “One Down, One To Go

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