One Year Anniversary!!!

Holy Crap, I missed my one year blog anniversary. I was so distracted by fiber that I completely missed the date in August. Oh well, that’s kind of the point of knitting right?

I should have some terribly eloquent post composed about the last year. But to be honest my life has been so wonderfully busy that I got nothing…I mean I did lots of stuff don’t get me wrong. In the past year I have:

  • moved into our first home with my husband
  • learned to use double pointed needles
  • tried to cull my stash of yarn
  • learned to make sweaters
  • performed in two plays on stage
  • started a blog 🙂
  • spent many wonderful hours enjoying my husband and fur children
  • traveled to spend time with old friends
  • hung out with my crazy family
  • cooked many wonderful meals

That’s it….that’s all I got. But I hope you stick around to see what comes next. Even I don’t know what it is, lol!

Hears hoping to another wonderful year!!!


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