Stashbustin’ #30: Little Coffee Bean Sweater

Earlier this year I made a Mud Season sweater designed by Elizabeth Smith (The Brown Stitch) and I LOVED it!!

Then I saw this….



(Photo from elizknits / Elizabeth Smith Rav page)

This is the Little Coffee Bean Sweater from The Brown Stitch. I already have so many things in my WIP pile but I just couldn’t help it!!! I have some amazing Knit Picks worsted Dishie Cotton in my stash. I have two skeins of Jay (blue) and one skein of Creme Brulee (yellow).




These are my old high school colors and so I am partial to this combination! I plan to stray from the pattern a bit. I am not going to work the alternating stripes as shown. I am going to do yellow button bands and collar with a solid blue body. Maybe a yellow stripe in the middle of the body? What do you guys think?



This is a top down raglan construction cardigan. This construction is the first sweater method I learned and it’s quickly becoming old hat. I love it!! Ā I’m making the 6 month size. I can’t wait to finish this one šŸ™‚

And so, this little amazing sweater is now my Stashbustin’ #30!!!


11 thoughts on “Stashbustin’ #30: Little Coffee Bean Sweater

  1. I love top down raglans. And the fact that it’s a worsted weight baby sweater makes it an even faster knit. I made the 6 month size, and my 17 month old can STILL fit in it! Barring a huge growth spurt, she may be able to wear it all Autumn. šŸ™‚

    Had I not been homeschooled, I believe gold and blue would have been my high school colors. Those two yarns look really nice together.

    I think a bold yellow stripe and button bands will look great.

  2. I’ve made a couple of cardigans using this pattern, and it’s great! My high school colors were blue and yellow as well. (I went to the high school Sara would have attended.) Must be a popular combo!

    I love Dishie. I made a couple of dish cloths with it, and I’ve been seriously abusing the one I kept for myself. It’s held up so well.

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