WIP Wednesday: Little Coffee Bean Cardigan

How adorable is this already!? This sweater is turning out to be everything I hoped so far!


I have knit all the raglan increases and divided for the body. I am making the 6 month size and its going very quickly.  I may or may not have babies on the brain 🙂

I am using Knit Picks Dishie cotton yarn. A fellow knitter remarked how odd my choice was for the project. But having three nephews I know how hard kids are on clothes, so what better than hard working dish cloth cotton for a hard wearing sweater? Plus I have a boatload of it in my stash and need to find ways to use it, lol.

This free pattern is quickly coming up my rank of quick and easy baby knits to crank out for last minute gifts.

What’s your favorite go-to baby project?



6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Little Coffee Bean Cardigan

  1. I’m digging the baby sophisticate sweater right now…may become a staple for me because of how fast and easy it works up. This one looks like it starts out the same way. I like your color choices too! The colors feel very happy and fun to me 🙂

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