Sweater Season!!

Fall is officially here and I feel the need to move up from baby sweaters to a nice cozy adult sweater for me!!

At my LYS this summer I found a sale on Berroco yarn! I picked up five skeins of Vintage (worsted weight) in yellow.


After perusing my Rav queue and much debate, I settled on Brick by Clare Lee from Raglanify.

(Photo courtesy of the Brick Ravelry page)

This pattern is awesome and is written to give you lots of options to customize. I am knitting the medium size with no waist shaping. I want a nice comfy FO. I haven’t decided if I will knit the sleeves with or without shaping….decisions decisions


In the span of the weekend I have knit the entire yoke and divided for the sleeves. I’m in the body section of miles and miles of stockinette. But I will persevere! I cannot wait to get this done and to wear it!!!

Happy Monday!


10 thoughts on “Sweater Season!!

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