FO Friday: Brick

Stashbustin’ #33 is complete!


Love love love this sweater!! Despite all the ups and downs it came out wonderfully.  And after a bath and some drying time it’s ready to wear just in time for fall!


Nice and roomy and I had just enough yarn for the project. Only have a skein left! I used 452 grams or 4 1/2 skeins of Berroco Vintage DK. That’s about 980.8 yards of yarn in one garment! Start to finish I think this garment took about three weeks?


My one complaint is that the sleeves are still pretty loose even with knitting the tapered instructions. As I have said before my arms are not necessarily proportional to the rest of my body, lol. So as I was knitting I noticed the sleeve getting very long and I still have an entire decrease section to do before the ribbing. I measured and confirmed my fears. So I only worked five total decreases in the tapered sleeves with the final decrease having only 8 rows of stockinette following it. This solved my length problem but I feel the sleeves deserved to be tapered more to fit my arms.

I managed to make both sleeves match this alternation. So I didn’t have the heart to rip out and re-do. Besides this is going to be my cozy winter sweater anyway!



P.S. Totally wish I was headed to Rhinebeck and this was my sweater….

TGIF and Happy Knitting!!!


22 thoughts on “FO Friday: Brick

  1. It looks great! The sleeves didn’t stick out to me as being unflattering. It looks mighty cozy. 🙂

    I have this sweater in my queue. I was intending to knit it with Knit Picks Simply Cotton, but now I’m not sure. I don’t know if the cotton will have enough stretch.

    • I knit a medium size and it’s a lot of yarn and finished fabric. I wouldn’t personally use a very”heavy” yarn as the fabric would sag and stretch under the weight as you wear it. Been there done the with a cotton cardigan before, lol

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