WIP Wednesday: Sophisticate

I have a BA in accounting, an MBA, and I’m a full time working accountant…but apparently this week I can’t count or read for comprehension.

My Sophisticate or Stashbustin’ #38 is finally making forward progress. I’ve completed the yoke and divided for the sleeves.


But getting to this point has been a battle. I thought I was following the increases according to the pattern. I did a stitch count at a couple of pattern repeats before the end and I was WAY closer to the end total then I should have been. Now I probably missed making some marks on my pattern as I completed a row. And I probably worked too late into the evening after a glass of wine. I literally couldn’t count to save my life. So I’m claiming total responsibility.

So I put my big girl panties on and did some quick stitch calculations. This was made a little difficult as the pattern only indicates how many sleeve stitches and how many total stitches I should have. But I’m supposedly smart so I figured it out. And just fudged the pattern to get where I needed to be. And after some re-knitting I completed the raglan increases.


It used “firmly” backwards loop cast on stitch. Not my favorite but it looks ok. But I really had to keep the loops tight to avoid holes.

Now, enter stupid error number two. I got off a section and started to complete the men’s sweater directions instead of the women’s. I knit two extra inches of stockinette that upon realization of my error I frogged those two inches….I could not follow directions to save my life. This time because of movie watching with my hubby.

But I digress. I’m off and running on to the waist shaping instructions. No wine, no late nights, and I’m making clear and dark pattern notes. At this rate I should have a sweater by spring, lol.

Happy WIP Wednesday 🙂


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Sophisticate

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