Socktober Progress

Tah Dah!!! I have turned my first heel on my first ever sock…..


I’m working a toe up sock with simple gusset heel. I’m using Knit Picks Felici in the colorway Peachy. It’s fingering weight yarn on size US 1 needles and it feels like its taking forever!


I am finding that holding my tension between the needles is hard for me. And I have some looser tension spots that no one will notice but me, lol. Knitter problems, I swear I’m my own worst critic.

Now I just need to knit up the leg portion. I will definitely use some sort of super stretchy cast off. (On a side note, I have a sneaky suspicion about my yardage on this project. But I will refrain voicing those thoughts until I have finished this sock)

Happy Knitting!!!


17 thoughts on “Socktober Progress

  1. Good job! The socks look lovely.

    I hate the laddering between dpns! I’ve been using the magic loop method to avoid it. Tugging the second stitch on each needle a little tighter than the rest helps, though.

  2. They look great. As far as the laddering–mine all seem to come out in the wash, but I do pull harder on the first couple of stitches on each needle.

  3. Love your sock so far! I avoid the laddering by marking my starting point with a slim stitch ring and then every few rows I switch up the number of stitches on each needle. So I knit a few from the second needle onto the first, etc. Once you get to a part that needs the two sides marked (like the heel) then I rearrange the stitches the way they are supposed to be. That works for me!

  4. It looks great! No lie, I have to knit Felici on size 3 needles to get anywhere near gauge. Since I knit so tight, I never get ladders with dpns, but I’ve decided to start magic looping. The pair of socks I’m knitting now is on one long circ. I hope I succeed in making the switch and don’t wimp out!

  5. They look great, echoing other comments on the tugging on the second stitch. When I first started out I seemed to have that problem, as time has gone on it seems to get easier (or else I just don’t notice anymore.) Blocking does help as well. Congrats and best of luck on finishing.

  6. Congratulations! One of the reasons I love making socks is that they provide multiple opportunities for feeling clever: turning the heel, making the gusset, making the heel flap. I’ve just cast on a second sock and have vowed to make my next pair from the toe up.

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