WIP Wednesday: Nutmeg

WIP Wednesday: Nutmeg Sweater or Stashbustin’ #37


I have finally conquered my early hurdles in this sweater. I am finding that I like lifted left and right increases for top down raglan sweaters. They just look much neater to this knitters eye. And I can knit them “twisted” so I can reduce the appearance of holes.


Pardon the dog hair. I have a white dog and his hair is EVERYWHERE!!! No matter how much I dust or vacuum. Nonetheless, I have finally divided for the sleeves and I’m working down the body. Miles and miles of stockinette but I find that it suits me and my current mood.

For a bulky sweater, this is creating a fairly dense fabric. This will definitely be a warm sweater for this winter. I haven’t been working monogamously on this, but it is growing!

My only decision left is if I am going to work the hem as written with a rolled edge to match the neckline? I am waffling….perhaps a 2×2 rib for a few rows?

Any thoughts out there?

10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Nutmeg

  1. depends on the shape you want…won’t ribbing cinch it in a bit at the bottom? If you don’t want that, them maybe a garter stitch edge to keep it from rolling without changing the shape? Of course…this is coming from a beginning knitter who has never made an adult sweater…so I could be totally wrong 😉

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