After this past weekend’s funk…I needed some inspiration or maybe just a good pick me up.

Fall has been relatively good to us in Kansas this year (knock on wood). And this has let me get lots of walks in with my four legged children, including last night (2.5 miles…woot!). We walk all over the neighborhood, but I find myself drawn to one street in particular. Here’s why…


This tree is so vibrant and beautiful that photos literally do not do it justice!


I so badly want to knit a sweater in this color or maybe just roll around on yarn this shade, either way lol!!


I’m in love….

What inspires you during fall?


11 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I know! The orange and corals sizzle and glow! And oranges are seriously under-represented in yarn colorways. It’s a difficult color to wear perhaps, but afghans, pillows, rugs? It has to be set off by just the right amount and shade of blue to make the color seem to vibrate for the human eye. Have fun on your walks!

  2. You are making me miss fall. Living in San Francisco we don’t really get the foliage. :(. I would love to know if you find a yarn that color. Maybe I will make my own fall leaves haha.

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