My Socktober Socks are looking good!


Only one problem…I have size 10 wide feet. I have big lady feet, since I was like 12. I’ve simply learned to deal. I managed to adapt the pattern to fit said size 10 feet. However, I failed to calculate correct yardage on the project….oops! I only have enough yarn for a single tall sock or a regular sock with a partial toe section of hte second.


Lessons learned….patience tested….I’m finishing this as a single tall sock and moving on. It is a great learning experience and I shall keep this as a sample sock. And by the grace of god my next attempt shall yield an actual pair!!

Happy Knitting!

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10 thoughts on “Oops!!

  1. Oh well! Knit another tall sock in a coordinating colorway and say they are intentionally mis-matching! They look incredibly by the way! I’ve never mastered the art of toe-up socks (which makes running out of yarn that much more catastrophic!)

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