Stashbustin’ Stat Update

This year is almost up!!! I can’t believe how fast it’s gone and Christmas is right around the corner. My Mom and I had a wonderful day this past weekend selling at the craft fair.  And boy howdy, are we tired! Being a knitting masochist, I have another craft fair yet to come before Christmas! I need to get back to my needles to “restock” my wares!

So today, instead of a object orientated post I’d like to share my “progress” this year on stash busting.

  • I have 42 Stashbustin’ projects in 2013 (not counting special request and craft fair wares)
  • I have completed 31 projects, frogged 2 projects, four projects are in hibernation, and I have five current WIPs.
  • I have knit approximately 8.56 miles and have another 1.88 miles on the needles
  • I have donated 1 mile of yarn to charity
  • And despite my best efforts…..added 8.94 miles of yarn back to my stash

Now I am still in the black as far as yarn in/yarn out. But I bought a lot of yarn this year. Some was for specific projects and special orders. Others was just because I could. I did get rid of some of my less than tasty bits of yarn and replaced it with better and higher quality fiber.

My stashbustin’ efforts may slow down a bit as we march towards 12/31, as I do last minute holiday gifts and restocking my craft wares. But I think I have made solid progress this year! I am still debating if I do another year of stashbustin’ in 2014 or some other method of measurement. I’m leaning towards another year of stashbusting just so I can see if I can beat my previous years levels…

Any thoughts?

13 thoughts on “Stashbustin’ Stat Update

  1. I think that you had a fabulous year and good for you! Well done. I didn’t keep track of my totals, but I did use up/give away quite a bit of yarn this year and I have a show coming up this Saturday. I’m considering another next month, but I’m not sure if I have the energy.

  2. Maybe determine at what maximum level or range at which you would like to maintain your stash, and continue stashbusting until you get there? Btw, how do you keep track of how many miles you’ve knit? that’s a cool stat…

  3. Keep stash busting! I have been motivated this year to knit only from my stash as much as possible,only buying yarn I don’t have to complete projects that are requested by far,so good.and bonus–I was able to knit my entire Xmas gift knitting entirely from my stash!! Woohoo!! And I started early,so I only have 3 left,which are already on the needles! Awesomeness!!!

  4. That’s amazing!!!! Good for you, busting all that stash! I think you should do EXTREME STASHBUSTING for a couple of months, and then go on a yarn binge because those are fun 🙂

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