FO Friday: One Pain In The Rear Sock

I’m so over this project. Your guys’ wonderful comments last week were amazing and wonderful. Not to mention, full of great suggestions! But I just had to be done. I worked a few more stripes of color changes, did a 2×2 rib for a bit, and then bound off.


I didn’t even have the heart to finish the skein. It was just one of those projects! It’s my stashbustin’ #41 for those counting and my Rav page is here. I did learn a lot:

– I learned how to do a Turkish cast on
– I adapted the pattern to fit my measurements
– I turned my first heel
– This was my first fingering weight project
– I completed my first ever sock.
– I got to buy some neat sock blockers!

– Dropping stitches was a pain on the rear to pick back up as I don’t own a small enough crochet hook
– My feet are big and therefore entail lots and lots of tiny stitches
– I should not and cannot do leg/calf increases on the fly…they just look bad
– I only ended up with one sock

After all this, I still want to knit socks. Next time I want to try two at a time, top down socks on circulars. I have the yarn, I have the pattern, just need to save up some moolah to buy the needles.

And because it’s Friday here is a pic of my solo sock on my giant lady foot šŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “FO Friday: One Pain In The Rear Sock

  1. This is hilarious. It speaks to me on levels only another knitter would know. Okay, so do you have plastic google eyes and a felt moustache? What about a sock puppet? A very classy sock puppet, to be sure. Maybe with those colors you should skip the “stache.

  2. I do socks on two circulars- actually learned it from one of Debbie Macomber’s books. The pattern was Peter’s Socks. Then I bought a pamphlet at LYS on Toe-Up Socks, which doesn’t require all the math to do the heel. If I can find the original pamphlet, I will post the author’s name so you can check it out. It was a very easy technique to get the hang of!

      • Well, I have only figured out how to do one sock at a time so far, so only use one skein at a time. I have cast on for a pair on one very long circular to try the Magic Loop method- confusing so far.
        BTW the pamphlet I mentioned is Toe-Up Socks..for Any Foot and Any Yarn, by Cynthia Spencer. It was printed by Really Clear Instructions (TM) in 2007.

  3. I have one sock syndrome too. I knit two at a time on separate needles. So I knit the toe on one circ then do the same on another. It’s weird but it works for me. I also have a problem that it takes me just as long to knit socks as it does a sweater. That just doesn’t seem right! šŸ™‚

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