Shiny New Needles

Look what my husband got me for my birthday!!!

20131112-131458.jpgI am now the proud owners of a set of Knit Picks Options Interchangeable needles. Comes wit needles from 4US to 11US and four sets of flexible cords. I couldn’t wait to try these out so I dug through my stash and pulled something from the bottom. I had some Patons Silk Bamboo I picked up on sale at Joanns many moons ago.

I have a skein of Coal and a skein of Sapphire:


This yarn is just so silky and soft to the touch. It’s one of my favorite yarns to fondle in my stash. And I have been fighting the urge to cast on another Honey CowlΒ for this winter. And how can you beat the feel of silk around your neck on a cold winter’s day!


I’m a couple repeats into the pattern. Based on my available yardage I chose to cast on an in between size, or about 160 stitches. I’m working one repeat in Sapphire and one repeat in Coal. I’m definitely in love with the color interplay!


A couple of observations:

1) I shouldn’t probably work with smooth and soft yarn on smooth metal needles. It has a tendency to slip and slide.

2) These are the first interchangeables I’ve had that screw together. If you don’t tighten them all the way then they come undone and you have to start your project over….twice….

3) Don’t work on this type of pattern repeat when you are tired. You will work the repeats in the wrong order….

I still love my new needles and I definitely need a cowl to keep out the Kansas cold. In the future I will probably use my plastic needles with slick yarn and metal needles for stickier wool.

Happy Knitting!

19 thoughts on “Shiny New Needles

  1. Yeah, that tightening key is really important to use. I couldn’t figure out what it was when I first got my knitpicks needles.

  2. Don’t forget to use the “key-thing” to tighten the needles to the wire. Don’t just hand tighten them. Ask me how I know that!

  3. Happy belated birthday! You got lovely presents. πŸ™‚ The pattern for your sweater sounded a bit strange on the sleeve decreases. I’d probably have “SSK’d” rather that knit through the back loops. You might find it looks ok that way. Looking forward to seeing the finished project!

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