WIP Wednesday: Nutmeg

My Stashbustin’ #37 or my Nutmeg sweater finally has matching sleeves!


After yesterday’s sleeve folly, I worked all night to finish both sleeves. Gotta love the speed of bulky yarn. I chose to knit garter ribbed cuffs on both sleeves. It really provided a nice and neat finish to the sleeve and kept it from rolling



Now I just have to cruise along on the body section and I’ll be finished! I’ll work the same garter rib at the hem of the sweater. I still have 1 1/3 skein of yarn left so now worries about running out of yarn. It’s taken a turn for the cold here in Kansas so I’m itching to wear this sweater!!

Happy Knitting!


9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Nutmeg

    • I knew something was wrong with the k2tbl almost from the beginning, but I ignored it. It just looked bumpy and wrong. After starting the second sleeve and seeing the k2tog….I knew I had to fix the first sleeve. Always trust your instincts!’

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