Stash Enhancement

A very dear friend had a baby not long ago. That wee one is now a healthy and colicky six week old baby. I took some time to help my friend out as she is on maternity leave and her husband had to go back to work. Nights no less! So we talked, ate, and walked many a lap around her house trying to get a gassy/colicky baby to burp/poop and feel better. It was a long 36 hours for me as I’m not used to an infants schedule. Pretty sure I saw 2 am whilst sitting in a rocking chair holding a crying child. It’s a good thing she’s cute…

But I digress…on my way home I stopped by the LYS in the area. I just wanted to browse and chat with the amazing ladies who work there. And I found these…



Lorna’s Laces sock yarn – Soulmate colorway


Ruca Multy from Araucania – Color #23

Such beautiful yarns! I wish I had snapped a photo of the Lorna’s Laces before it was caked. It was breathtaking! I admit these two skeins were a splurge but I worked hard right? Oh, and the Ruca was a PAIN to cake! Thank goodness for the two yarn shop ladies and their persistence 🙂


I can’t wait to find projects for these! But I think I will finish a few WIPs first….for my husband’s sanity….

Happy Knitting!!!


10 thoughts on “Stash Enhancement

  1. Very lovely yarn. And what a lovely friend you are to keep your friend company with her baby. From experience I can tell you that this would have been a very much appreciated thing you did!

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